About Us

Red Rose Fire Protection Limited understands the demands placed on business owners and managers to maintain compliance and to protect their employees, customers, and assets. We ensure the safety of our clients and their property while providing exceptional value for money.

There are various types of sprinkler systems that we provide depending on your individual requirements and specific fire risks. Some of the most commonly used sprinkler service by us are:

  • Wet pipe sprinkler system
  • Dry sprinkler system
  • Pre-Action sprinkler system
  • Deluge sprinkler system
  • Foam sprinkler system


Sprinkler systems are among the most useful tools in your fire fighting arsenal. If you wait for emergency services to come to your property, the fire may spread to the other parts of your property and it may even effect neighbouring properties. But with a fire sprinkler system, it can dampen the strongest of flames while only using very little water. Effectively fighting the fire instead of waiting for someone to get there.

Our company can address all of your fire protection needs. We take pride in knowing our fire protection systems offer the maximum level of safety.

The installation of a sprinkler system can greatly enhance your property’s fire safety and, in some cases, is a legal requirement which must be undertaken in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.