5 Different Types of Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems Lancashire

November 2nd, 2020

An emergency can arise at any time and your house or office may get engulfed by fire. In that case, the dry pipe sprinkler systems Lancashire can protect your house and office from fire accidents.

Along with the dry sprinkler system, there are other types of sprinklers that help in showering the fiery buildings. Our team at Red Rose Fire Protection Limited uses various sprinkler systems for cooling down the fire. Have a look at various other systems:


1.Wet Pipe System

The wet pipe sprinkler is a common sprinkler that is connected with an automatic water supply for cooling down the fire in your home. This water supply is used to chill down the fiery condition that may occur when your room is affected by the fire.

Our team can help you in sprinkling water if any accidental situation occurs. Our wet pipe system can help in cooling down the instant fire condition in your house.


2. Pre-Action System

The pre-action sprinkler systems Lancashire can help in activating the interlock and double interlock phases. This type of system is actually used in data centres and museums that can be engulfed by fire.

The vent water can be used with an activated smoke detector, which helps in cooling down the effect of the fire and other conditions. This system is also related to the spacing of the automation detectors. Our experts connect pipes with the sprinkler machine to drop down the fire.


3. Deluge Systems

The deluge system is the combination of both dry and wet fire sprinkler systems Lancashire. It is needed when the fire spreads highly and the alarm is needed. This signal also has a deluge valve that allows in the transformation of water with the piping system.

Sometimes, a situation occurs when you need quick action. Our team suggests using the deluge systems that are actually applied to the fiery places. When rapid fire is widespread, you can use the deluge fire system in the area that is needed to be saved.


4. Advanced Dry Pipe Systems

The dry pipe sprinkler systems are usually used with sprinkler pipe machines. To maintain the low ambient temperature, the wet pipe system is usually not used. Instead of that, modern technology has used the advanced dry pipe systems that are connected with an automatic sprinkler.

To drop the pressure and stop the fire igniting, this advanced method of dry sprinkler is used.


5. Foam Water Sprinkler Systems

It is a special type of sprinkler system that is discharged with a mixture of foam and water concentration. The foam sprinkler is also used to cool down the delegating condition of your house when the fire is widespread.


Bottom Line

The dry pipe sprinkler systems Lancashire arranged by the team of Red Rose Fire Protection Limited for various types of instances. You can use the aforesaid sprinkler systems if your house or office is affected by any type of fiery incident.

You can use the above-mentioned methods to save yourself from accidents. To know more about us, you can visit our website. You may also contact us on 01772 822 133 for more information.

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