Domestic/ Residential Sprinkler

Red Rose Fire Protection Limited offer quality domestic as well as residential sprinkler systems for your home or residential building. The systems are able to pinpoint where the fire is and extinguish it effectively while using very little water. With the incorporation of our latest fast-response sprinkler heads, there is clear evidence that if you have them installed you are significantly safer. Unlike smoke detectors which can only warn you of the need for evacuation, our finely designed and quality assured sprinklers can actually save those who are unable to help themselves.

Red Rose Fire Protection Limited strives to provide clients with quality products such as domestic sprinkler systems and residential sprinkler systems according to your specific requirements.

Few key benefits of installing residential and domestic sprinkler systems are listed below:

  • Reduce The Risk Of Death
  • Reduces The Risk Of Damage To Your Property
  • Cost Effective Fire Protection System
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Reduced Insurance Costs
  • Increase The Value Of Your Property


The process of installation is similar to putting in central heating, but with much less pipework, and thus less disruption. Adequate and reliable water supply is obviously essential for a sprinkler system. This can normally be obtained directly from the water mains.

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