Douse fire the easy way with commercial sprinkler system

Every fire suppression system in this world has one common goal – getting rid of the fire. Commercial sprinkler systems also work on the similar principle and  aim at reducing the impact of fire and minimising the incurred loss. In the UK, there are six different kinds of sprinkler systems that are in use. They are-

  • Dry pipe
  • Wet Pipe
  • Deluge
  • Pre action
  • Water spray system
  • Foam water

The popular choice

Wet pipe sprinkler systems are everyone’s favourite when it comes to fire protection. Some of the reasons, why they are used more than the others, are  listed below-

  • These are easy to use and have simple functionality
  • Maintenance and installation of these sprinklers is quite inexpensive
  • As the temperature reaches a pre-set level, the sprinkler head automatically releases water

On the other hand, dry pipe system is the least popular one when it comes to commercial sprinkler systems. In this, the air filling line is ahead of the water and hence the time taken for water to reach the sprinkler head is more than any other system. Delay is one of the major setbacks of the systems and also the cost of installation and maintenance drives people away from it. On the other hand, pre-action and deluge systems are the ones which  only get activated after being triggered by the fire alarm system.

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