We know accidents never come with a notice, and fire accidents are a dangerous proof of that. So, during modern times, the usage of pre-action sprinkler systems in Lancashire can help in saving you from the terrible fire incidents. Our team at Red Rose Fire Protection Limited provides you proficient help in hiring an effective sprinkler and saves you from various types of accidents that are caused due to an accidental breakout of fire.


Do have a look at some effective benefits of selecting a pre-action sprinkler system:


     1.  Suitable for Water-Sensitive Environment

Pre-action sprinkler systems can be helpful in various types of environments where water can also save you from terrible fire incidents. It is suggested that this type of sprinklers are suitable for archival vaults, data centres, and laboratories.

If a water-sensitive environment is created properly, then you can easily solve the issues that can lead to danger.


     2.  Prevents Water and Fire Damage

There are various types of sprinkler systems in Lancashire, but not all have the capacity to prevent fire and water damage. A pre-action sprinkler is ideal to solve those types of issues that can create tough problems for you.

Damage can be caused by both fire and water and that includes damage of the property and other parts of the house. Pre-sprinklers have the quality to solve such types of problems that are related to both fire and water damage.


3.  Highly-Suitable for Cold Areas

The pre-action sprinkler systems are always suitable for cold areas because it can prevent the freezing of the pipes and that can be the reason for the damage of the valves in the pipes. If you want a weather-friendly sprinkler, then a pre-action sprinkler is the ideal one.


 4.  Foam on the Sprinkler is Beneficial

You may find various types of sprinkler systems, but a foam sprinkler is one of the best ways to comply with the regulatory reformation with the help of the Fire Safety Regulatory order.

The foams in the sprinklers can also work as a threat to the fire incidents. The installation of the sprinkler is a little bit complicated. However, our experts can help you install and fix the issues related to the foam sprinkler.


Types of pre-action Sprinklers


Installing pre-action sprinkler systems is the best idea because it is a modern and effective way to fight fire incidents. Various types of sprinklers are as follows:


  • Dry-Pipe Sprinkler System
  • Wet-Pipe Sprinkler System
  • Deluge Sprinkler System


How to install a pre-action Sprinkler System?


The installation process of this sprinkler system is quite tough because you cannot install it using normal screws. Therefore, the help of an expert can definitely solve your problem.

The expertise and experience along with installation, maintenance, and design can help you with various types of sprinklers to beat the fire accidents.


Wrapping Up


Nowadays, it is never a complicated task to install pre-action sprinkler Systems in Lancashire. Our experts are always ready to help you install your sprinkler system at a reasonable price.

If you want to do the installation, you can contact us at 01772 822 133/07774 458 251. You may also visit our website to know more about Red Rose Fire Protection Limited.

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