We know accidents never come with a notice, and fire accidents are a dangerous proof of that. So, during modern times, the usage of pre-action sprinkler systems in Lancashire can help in saving you from the terrible fire incidents. Our team at Red Rose Fire Protection Limited provides you proficient help in hiring an effective sprinkler and saves you from various types of accidents that are caused due to an accidental breakout of fire.


Do have a look at some effective benefits of selecting a pre-action sprinkler system:


     1.  Suitable for Water-Sensitive Environment

Pre-action sprinkler systems can be helpful in various types of environments where water can also save you from terrible fire incidents. It is suggested that this type of sprinklers are suitable for archival vaults, data centres, and laboratories.

If a water-sensitive environment is created properly, then you can easily solve the issues that can lead to danger.


     2.  Prevents Water and Fire Damage

There are various types of sprinkler systems in Lancashire, but not all have the capacity to prevent fire and water damage. A pre-action sprinkler is ideal to solve those types of issues that can create tough problems for you.

Damage can be caused by both fire and water and that includes damage of the property and other parts of the house. Pre-sprinklers have the quality to solve such types of problems that are related to both fire and water damage.


3.  Highly-Suitable for Cold Areas

The pre-action sprinkler systems are always suitable for cold areas because it can prevent the freezing of the pipes and that can be the reason for the damage of the valves in the pipes. If you want a weather-friendly sprinkler, then a pre-action sprinkler is the ideal one.


 4.  Foam on the Sprinkler is Beneficial

You may find various types of sprinkler systems, but a foam sprinkler is one of the best ways to comply with the regulatory reformation with the help of the Fire Safety Regulatory order.

The foams in the sprinklers can also work as a threat to the fire incidents. The installation of the sprinkler is a little bit complicated. However, our experts can help you install and fix the issues related to the foam sprinkler.


Types of pre-action Sprinklers


Installing pre-action sprinkler systems is the best idea because it is a modern and effective way to fight fire incidents. Various types of sprinklers are as follows:


  • Dry-Pipe Sprinkler System
  • Wet-Pipe Sprinkler System
  • Deluge Sprinkler System


How to install a pre-action Sprinkler System?


The installation process of this sprinkler system is quite tough because you cannot install it using normal screws. Therefore, the help of an expert can definitely solve your problem.

The expertise and experience along with installation, maintenance, and design can help you with various types of sprinklers to beat the fire accidents.


Wrapping Up


Nowadays, it is never a complicated task to install pre-action sprinkler Systems in Lancashire. Our experts are always ready to help you install your sprinkler system at a reasonable price.

If you want to do the installation, you can contact us at 01772 822 133/07774 458 251. You may also visit our website to know more about Red Rose Fire Protection Limited.



There are several kinds and sizes of sprinkler systems in the market that are designed for different situations. The price of a sprinkler system may vary according to size and fire type.

For both residential and commercial use, sprinklers are the best fire protection device you can buy for your building. For houses and buildings that fall under the category of common risks, a typical domestic sprinkler systems in Lancashire should be able to offer more than sufficient protection against any unfortunate incident.


As long as it is commissioned by a trusted local business like Red Rose Fire Protection Limited, damage to a house with a domestic sprinkler system is usually less when compared to one that is equipped with none and utilises traditional fire fighting methods, such as smoke detectors or fire alarms.

It is strongly recommended to install a fire-resistant explosive system. Past research has shown that installing a fire extinguishing system in your home dramatically increases your life expectancy in the event of fire.

Survival expectancy before a fire can be increased by up to a whopping eighty per cent if a house is equipped with a domestic fire sprinkler.


It is high time everybody should start acknowledging the significance of residential sprinkler systems in saving lives and protecting property. The government should actively encourage homeowners to consider installing a sprinkler system in new builds. It is the responsibility of the sprinkler system contractor to inform all parties about the requirements of a sprinkler system.

If such devices are retrofitted to an existing fire protection system, check the design of the hydraulic fire safety system to ensure that there are no water leaks in the pipes of the domestic water sprinklers.

If there is another possibility of leakage in a sprinkler pipe in the event of residential fires, there may be a provision for a dry pipe fire sprinkler that does not keep the water out of the pipe.


The net estimated cost of a domestic sprinkler system is calculated either on the total number of rooms or as per square footage.

It is always advised that you should send the drawings to the fire safety contractor that you have selected for receiving a more precise quotation.


A water-based sprinkler system forces water so that it can penetrate closed cabinets and travels through the various components of sophisticated electronic machinery.

You may want to combine a concealed sprinkler head with an open solenoid valve and keep it in a ceiling cavity for storing the cold water.

When the specified heat level is reached, the sprinkler head releases the cold water into the cavity. This ensures that the residents are not aware of a covert fire protection system installed on their property.

Since sprinkler heads are automatically triggered by fire at certain temperatures, only one or two sprinkler heads is fully capable of containing and extinguishing a fire in the room where it broke out.

As the sprinkler head reacts to heat, only the ones fitted in the fire-affected areas are activated as and when required.

If you are planning to install or retrofit a domestic sprinkler system in Lancashire anytime soon or wish to know more in this respect, you may get in touch with Red Rose Fire Protection Limited.

Red Rose Fire Protection Limited is a renowned provider of sprinkler systems Lancashire– providing various kinds of sprinklers according to your requirements. Our team is hardworking and dedicated to delivering the best to you.

When you’re new in town, finding such services near you can be difficult. But, do not worry.

But, first, let’s get into the basics of a sprinkler system:

What is a sprinkler system?

A sprinkler system is a typical fire extinguishing device that releases water when triggered by a rise in ambient temperature (due to fire). It is one of the most key devices to be installed in your residential, commercial or even domestic spaces. They are installed mostly on ceilings/ walls and consist of water storage supply, water disposal pipe system, and a sprinkler head.

Types of a Sprinkler system:

1. Wet pipe sprinkler Uses water to put off the fire. Consists of a water supply system being connected to the distribution pipes and sprayed by the sprinkler head.

  1. Dry pipe sprinkler: Uses pressurized air or inert nitrogen gas to extinguish the fire. These systems are filled with inert gas and the water is kept at a riser. As soon as the pressure in the system changes, the valve opens and water is sprinkled from pipes to extinguish the fire.


  1. No water leaks and frozen pipes.
  2. Each sprinkler head operates independently. So in the case of one broken sprinkler, the whole system would never fail to operate.
  3. A pre-action sprinkler is mostly dry pipe sprinklers that contain pressurized gas. But they mostly have a two-fold method of operation. First to monitor pipe for leakage and second to hold water in case of any unforeseen event. They have a pre-action valve that automatically allows them to fill in water into the system but only discharge when the fire in the room is enough to trigger a sprinkler.

All the above three kinds are available with us. Contact us for more information on the installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems Lancashire.

There are two different ways of repairing the sprinkler systems Lancashire. The first one is by hiring the experts which is a smart idea and the second one is by doing it on your own.

A fire sprinkler system is installed in the roof and sidewalls of the buildings. It is an important unit or part of a commercial and residential building’s fire protection system. If at any point in time fire is detected in the building, the sprinkler discharges to water and helps in controlling the fire from getting spread. So it becomes very important for the building owners to see that the sprinkler systems are working properly. And if you are also looking for experts to get your sprinkler system repaired then you can consult with the team of Red Rose Fire Protection Limited.

Why Do You Need an Expert for Sprinkler Systems Lancashire?

Now if the fire sprinkler system of your building is not working efficiently then it is better to hire experts instead of trying to fix it on your own. The reasons for doing so are as follows:

1. Get peace of mind: Fire sprinkler systems is one of the most important parts of a commercial or residential building. But a broken one can cause a lot of issues and serious damage. A professional has the right knowledge about this and so they make their best effort to offer peace of mind to their clients.

2. Experience and expertise: If you really want to get your sprinkler systems fixed in Lancashire in the best possible way, hiring experts is the best solution. The reason is their experience and expertise in managing such kinds of work easily.

3. Quality work guarantee: From completing the work on time to guaranteeing quality services, they make sure that their clients don’t have to face any kind of problem in the future.

These are the three simple reasons to hire professionals for repairing the sprinkler systems Lancashire. You can check the website of Red Rose Fire Protection Limited for better understanding and knowledge.

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