Wondering where to find Sprinkler Systems Lancashire? This may help you

August 7th, 2020

Red Rose Fire Protection Limited is a renowned provider of sprinkler systems Lancashire– providing various kinds of sprinklers according to your requirements. Our team is hardworking and dedicated to delivering the best to you.

When you’re new in town, finding such services near you can be difficult. But, do not worry.

But, first, let’s get into the basics of a sprinkler system:

What is a sprinkler system?

A sprinkler system is a typical fire extinguishing device that releases water when triggered by a rise in ambient temperature (due to fire). It is one of the most key devices to be installed in your residential, commercial or even domestic spaces. They are installed mostly on ceilings/ walls and consist of water storage supply, water disposal pipe system, and a sprinkler head.

Types of a Sprinkler system:

1. Wet pipe sprinkler Uses water to put off the fire. Consists of a water supply system being connected to the distribution pipes and sprayed by the sprinkler head.

  1. Dry pipe sprinkler: Uses pressurized air or inert nitrogen gas to extinguish the fire. These systems are filled with inert gas and the water is kept at a riser. As soon as the pressure in the system changes, the valve opens and water is sprinkled from pipes to extinguish the fire.


  1. No water leaks and frozen pipes.
  2. Each sprinkler head operates independently. So in the case of one broken sprinkler, the whole system would never fail to operate.
  3. A pre-action sprinkler is mostly dry pipe sprinklers that contain pressurized gas. But they mostly have a two-fold method of operation. First to monitor pipe for leakage and second to hold water in case of any unforeseen event. They have a pre-action valve that automatically allows them to fill in water into the system but only discharge when the fire in the room is enough to trigger a sprinkler.

All the above three kinds are available with us. Contact us for more information on the installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems Lancashire.

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